Folgendes Gedicht wurde 1956 geschrieben und handelt von Dr. Edward Teller, der sein Gegenstück aus Antimaterie trifft.

The Perils of Modern Living

Well up above the tropostrata
There is a region stark and stellar
Where, on a streak of anti-matter
Lived Dr. Edward Anti-Teller.

Remote from Fusion’s origin,
lived unguessed and unawares
With all his antikith and kin,
And kept macassars on his chairs.

One morning, idling by the sea,
He spied a tin of monstrous girth
That bore three letters: A. E. C.
Out stepped a visitor from Earth.

Then, shouting gladly o’er the sands,
Met two who in their alien ways
Were like as lentils. Their right hands
Clasped, and the rest was gamma rays.

by Harold P. Furth

(AEC: The US Atomic Energy Commission.)

(Antimacassar: Sofaschoner)

Anmerkung: Dr. Edward Anti-Teller hat natürlich die linke Hand ausgestreckt.

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